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“Being accepted into the Square One Bootcamp program has been the greatest thing to happen to my business venture yet. It has definitely put my company on the path to success.”     
Monica Shepard, SQ1 Boot Camp Graduate 2016Monica Shepard, SQ1 Boot Camp Graduate 2016
CET is a fabulous resource! They worked closely with me, providing evidence-based business planning & development tools that allowed for an effective evaluation of my business goals and needs - as well as the input and encouragement that made it possible for me to begin a successful transition into a new, more productive business structure!    
Carletta D. Washington, Ed.D. / RelationBridge Founder, Speaker & Author  Carletta D. Washington, Ed.D. / RelationBridge Founder, Speaker & Author
It [SQ1 Ignite] was one of the best learning experiences I’ve had.   
Elly Painter, SQ1 Ignite Participant 2016Elly Painter, SQ1 Ignite Participant 2016
Great diversity of thought and opinions. 
Scott Dintelman, SQ1 Boot Camp Graduate 2014Scott Dintelman, SQ1 Boot Camp Graduate 2014
It has been my privilege and pleasure to work with SQ1 for the past several months. The program provides unique infrastructure and guidance to very early stage entrepreneurs filling a vital need in St Louis's emerging startup ecosystem.  I will do anything I can to help as long as I am able. 
Aditya Eachempati, SQ1 MentorAditya Eachempati, SQ1 MentorEverest Analytics
Entrepreneurship takes a lot of humility and perseverance but knowing where the pieces on the board are is crucial to a successful start. SQ1 can help you with that. 
Chris LeBeau, SQ1 Mentor and PresenterChris LeBeau, SQ1 Mentor and PresenterEagle Bank and Trust
The CET SQ1 Ignite and Boot Camp Programs offer the St. Louis startup community an invaluable service.  Early-stage startups get a great introduction to the many resources available to entrepreneurs here in St. Louis.  They also receive structured training in all aspects of running a business, as well as  one-on-one coaching targeted specifically to their ventures' needs.  These unique, well-run CET programs really give startup ventures the best chance of succeeding in their new businesses. 
Mary Brice, SQ1 Mentor and PresenterMary Brice, SQ1 Mentor and Presenter
Square One has provided great information to a number of topics critical to starting my business, but the greatest value of the program has been the relationships I have formed and the people I have met.
Andy Coffin, SQ1 Boot Camp Graduate 2015Andy Coffin, SQ1 Boot Camp Graduate 2015
I was able to implement things that improved my business immediately. This program was transformative for me and my business. I will share all I've learned and about this program to every aspiring entrepreneur I encounter.
Jade Harrell, SQ1 Boot Camp Graduate 2014Jade Harrell, SQ1 Boot Camp Graduate 2014Rare Gem Productions
I had been looking for a way to give back to the entrepreneurial community for a long time. CET’s Square One programs select the type of people and ventures I think have real potential. It was time well spent to attend classes and meet with individuals one-on-one. I had a lot of fun and I believe in both CET’s work and those it serves. 
Quentin Ortega, SQ1 Mentor and PresenterQuentin Ortega, SQ1 Mentor and PresenterExecutive Partner, Atomic Revenue